(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. footwear; footgear; sandal, espadrille, boot, loafer, casual, sneaker; runner, [tire] casing; [brake] lining. See clothing.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. footwear, foot covering.
Types of shoes include: Oxford, slipper, Turkish slipper, moccasin, high-heel shoe, platform, espadrille, boot, sandal, Roman sandal, chopine, balmoral, Crakow, blucher, patten, pump, sabot, clog, arctic, galosh, rubber shoe, leather shoe, fabric shoe, running shoe, jogging shoe, track shoe, cross-training shoe, aerobic shoe, tennis shoe, gym shoe, sneaker, loafer, heels*, flats*, high tops*, wing-tip*, toe-shoe, ballet slipper, spike-heel shoe, backless*, fruit boots*, tennies*, wedgie*.
in another's shoes,
Syn. in the position or place of another, in changed or different or other circumstances, reversal of roles; see sympathetic , understood 1 .
where the shoe pinches,
Syn. source of the trouble, problem, complication; see difficulty 1 , 2 , trouble 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
footwear, footgear, loafer, pump, sneaker, running shoe.
backless, woman’s: mule
back of shoe: cuff
ballet slipper: toe shoe
boat shoes made of canvas and nonskid soles: deck shoes
bottom of: sole
brown and white oxford: saddle shoe
child’s: Mary Jane
Chinese, flat-heeled: Chinese
flap: tongue
fringe-tongued shoe with low heel: kiltie flat
high, ankle-supporting sneakers: *hightops, basketball shoes
high-heeled strapless: pump
high-heeled, strapped: slingback
Indian, leather: moccasin
infant: bootee
instep cover: vamp
lace hole: eyelet
loafer with front slot to hold penny: penny loafer
low-heeled, woman’s: flats
low shoe laced over instep: oxford
maker: cordwainer
mender: cobbler
metal tag at end of shoelace: aglet
oxford with holes or perforations for decoration: wing-tip
put on, aid to: shoehorn
raised platform sole, shoe with: platform shoe
removing device: bootjack
rope-soled canvas shoe, sometimes laced up the ankle: espadrille
sandallike with wood or cork sole: clog
sandals: clog, flip-flops, Ganymede, gladiator, thongs
sole, narrow portion of: shank
sport traction shoe: cleats
toeless: open-toed shoe
walking shoe, laced: balmoral
white oxfords: white bucks
work shoe, heavy: brogan, steel-toed shoe
see boot

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